The Pack Improv Program was created by Pack founder and teacher, Miles Stroth. Each of its six levels teaches advanced concepts, and all levels include performances in front of live audiences. For these reasons all students, regardless of background, begin with Level 1 and complete each level to be eligible for the next.

Classes meet once a week for eight weeks. Students will learn how to identify and play to a scene or character, find the keys to unlocking their unique comedic voices, techniques to become stronger and smarter players, and use advanced, experimental improvisation forms.

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Summer Improv Intensive

Instructors: Emily Candini, Brian James O’Connell, Miles Stroth

Mon-Thu 11-5pm July 17th – August 3rd in The Pack Theater
3 weeks — $930

Now’s your chance! Whether you are from out of town or in town, this three week intensive will give you a full serving of the Pack Core Improv Program.

Week 1 – Emily Candini – Level 1 and Level 3
Week 2 – Brian O’Connell – Level 2 and Level 4
Week 3 – Miles Stroth – Level 5 and Level 6

Although organized into levels, the Pack Improv Program is structured to be advanced at every level. Be sure to check the site level descriptions to see what you are in for!
You can take the intensive in its’ entirety, recommended if you haven’t studied with us, or you can just take the week or weeks that focus on what you want to work on. The Summer Intensive isn’t meant to, nor does it, take the place of the full year program. It’s an opportunity for those who, due to time or location, wouldn’t otherwise have access to what we offer. The intensive is also an opportunity for those who do study with us to re-hear and continue to work on all of our lessons.
Along with the classes, you will also have weekly opportunities to perform on the Pack Stage!
That’s twelve months of training packed into three weeks. Prepare to have your improv world rocked!

Mon-Thu 11-5pm starting July 17th in The Pack Theater

$930.00 Select options


Level I – Freedom and Character

Instructor: Emily Candini

8 weeks — $310

Over the course of Level I you will be shown the importance of freedom in your work. Through building confidence in your play, showing you ways to deal with nerves or doubt, and by giving you specific techniques to make any scene work, you will emerge from class with a new sense of play. This workshop will also focus on character work, strong emotion and powerful heightening. At the end of the 8 weeks you will think faster, play harder, and make it look easy by having as much fun as you can.

Improv 1 Sun. 11:30-2:30pm Starting July 9th in The West Room
Improv 1 Sun. 2:30-5:30pm Starting July 9th in The Pack TheaterImprov 1 Wed.11-2pm Starting July 12th in The Pack Theater

$310.00 Select options

Level II – Playing the Scene

Instructor: Brian James O’Connell

8 weeks – $310

You must have completed Level I to enroll.

In Level II you will learn that all scenes can be seen as one of four basic scene types. You will learn that each scene type has a built in set of rules that makes them work. You will learn all four scene types as well as how to listen for scene type and your position/character in that scene all in the first lines of a scene. Knowing what type of scene you are in and what your position is in that scene makes scene play relatively easy.

Improv 2 Wed. 7-10pm Starting July 5th in the West Room
Improv 2 Thur. 7-10pm Starting July 6th in the West Room

Improv 2 Thur. 11-2pm Starting July 13th in The Pack Theater

$310.00 Select options

Level III – Persona and Protection

Instructor: Emily Candini

8 weeks – $310

You must have completed Level II to enroll.

Level III will focus on personal development and stage persona while pushing you into more complex and challenging scene work. Each student will be given the opportunity to explore self-development and find the keys to unlock what makes them a stronger and smarter player at all times. Students will learn the power of “protection” and the skills to tackle bigger, more interesting issues within scenework while “protecting” yourself and your audience.

Sat. 1-4pm Starting July 15th in The Pack Theater

$310.00 Select options

Level IV – Advanced Fun

Instructor: Rich Sohn

8 weeks – $310

You must have completed Level III to enroll.

In Level 4 we look at expanding your character range and letting your comic-voice empower rather than limit that range. We’ll take a deep dive into some of the elements of a scene work – environment, style, blocking, subtext – and find inspiration there. And we’ll strengthen your ability to initiate and make strong choices. All our work together will be in service of recommitting to the fun and openness to play that is the heart of great improvisation.

Not currently being offered.

Level V – Individual Analysis

Instructor: Miles Stroth

8 weeks – 310

You must have completed Level IV to enroll.

In Level 5, Miles will test your understanding of what you have learned in the first four levels and analyze your performance skills. He will create specific exercises that will be designed to help you improve any weakness you may have. Each student will be give a full hour onstage where the focus will be on just them and what they are working on.

Improv 5 Mon. 7-10 Starting July 10th in the West Room

$310.00 Select options

Level VI – Performance Level

Instructor: Miles Stroth

You must have completed Level V to enroll.

In Level 6 you hit the floor running! You now have a weekly spot at The Pack Theater for the duration of the Level and your first show is the first week of class. Each week in class you will be experimenting with known form and free-form. The ensemble will dictate, in part, the focus of the work, but, don’t be surprised by last minute changes that may test your nerves. Miles will be at all of your shows, before and after.

Not Available in the July session.