The Pack Sketch Program is helmed by Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show, Fox ADHD) and Sam Brown (The Whitest Kids ‘U Know). It includes three levels of sketch writing, where students learn how to develop what they find funny, how to write faster, funnier sketches, and how to increase their ability and confidence to make sketch comedy that is awesome and original.

Classes meet once a week for eight weeks. Sketch Levels 1 – 3 lay the foundation for what we consider to be good sketch writing. In Level 4 students are grouped into teams to write, produce and perform a sketch show for a live audience on the Pack stage. All students must start at Level 1 and complete each level to be eligible for the next.

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Level I – Intro to Sketch

Instructor: Eric Moneypenny

  • 8 weeks – $310

This workshop is geared toward all levels of experience. Hundreds have participated in Eric’s Workshop, ranging from people who have never written a scene in their lives, to well-known comedians, professional screenwriters, and TV Producers. It’s geared toward beginners and the experienced. If you’ve taken sketch writing before, you’ll discover new ways to make it easier, even more fun, all while increasing your productivity.


Thursdays 8-11pm starting May 4th at the NewCollective
Tuesdays 8-11pm starting May 9th at the NewCollective

$310.00 Select options


Level II – Collaborate or Die!

Instructor: Sam Brown

  • 8 weeks — $310

You must have completed Level I to enroll.

After having learned basic concepts of sketch comedy writing in Level I, take your sketches to the next level. With a furthered emphasis on idea generation, pitching, writing, with a little bit of performance mixed in, Advanced Sketch will prepare you to be a more well-rounded writer. This class taught by Sam Brown (from the renowned sketch group Whitest Kids U Know, who had 5 seasons on IFC & Fuse) will teach you how to write more specific & varied sketches for your sketch teams, indie shows, video, writing packets, etc. You already know game, and Sam’s class will help you step up your overall game.

Mondays 7-10pm starting May 1st at The NewCollective

Sundays 5-8pm starting May 7th in Room 208

$310.00 Select options


LEVEL III – Advanced Sketch Writing for TV

Instructor: Mike Upchurch

8 weeks – 310

You must have completed Level II to enroll

This course is for students who have completed Levels 1 & 2. This is a comprehensive sketch writing course that includes theoretical, historical, and practical study of sketch comedy writing. Historical origins of the sketch will be explored, and the narrative of sketch comedy, and the superstructure of variety entertainment will be analyzed. Show business culture and the practical aspects of getting and keeping a comedy writing job will be explored in-depth. This course is taught by Emmy Award-winning comedy writer, Mike Upchurch, who wrote “The Poetics of Sketch Comedy” as part of his Master’s Thesis at UNLV, and wrote for Mr Show and the Chris Rock Show. Mike brings both a scholarly and professional perspective to teaching.

Saturdays, noon-3pm starting May 6th at the NewCollective

$310.00 Select options


Instructor: Eric Moneypenny

Not currently being offered

You must have completed Level III to enroll.

Students are guided through the process of making their own sketch show. From writing the content, to assembling the acts, to casting, shooting, rewriting, and directing, this class ends in a sketch show that may provide the foundation for a future, ongoing run. The Class is taught by two directors: Sam Brown, Eric Moneypenny, and/or Heather Anne Campbell.